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Founded in 2008, Llano del Rio Books is a not-for-profit organization based in San Francisco, California.
Our mission is to provide readers direct access to publishers of books on carefully selected works that possess a clear sense of “unity and earnestness.” We are currently the only distributor in the country dedicated exclusively to this goal.

Our site began from a passion for collecting books, combined with a realization of the need for an online gateway linking people with these kind of works.

The mission of Llano del Rio Books is to provide world-class distribution services to independent publishers, to individuals, and to retailers. With this in mind, we strive to provide our clients with a one source integrated environment for all of their current and projected needs, including in-house customer service, order entry, credit and collection. In addition, we offer a small number of carefully selected used books through Alibris.


    The INTEGRATION of UNIVERSAL CONSTANTS is the introduction and description of six Cosmology Charts, first assembled by Robert Williams in 1978. Calligraphy is by Lin Mithuna.

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    In Commemoration of the Fortieth Anniversary… of one of the most cited source books in contemporary scientific and artistic literature, Eudæmon Press is pleased to announce the publication of the beautiful fourth edition.Find out more

  • THE KISS CATENATIC - The Introduction of Catenatic Geometry and its Environs.

    THE KISS CATENATIC guides the reader on a provocative journey to explore a multi-disciplined approach centered on the Catenatic Principle into a world in which relationships are re-defined and enhanced …a clear vision of renewed possibilities.Find out more

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